Michel Normant, 2008 guest of honour

Michael is a self-taught artist who has used pencil and paintbrush since childhood. Retirement has provided the freedom to devote himself full-time to his passion.
One day, he says, he will quit this world and go to the ancestral land of his forefathers, the “Pays Bigoudien” where he will devote himself to painting the sky and sea of Brittany using pastels.
Whatever the subject and wherever the place, his pictures reflect an extraordinary feeling of serenity and  peace which will inevitably have a calming effect on the viewer.
His mastery of the technique is really shown through his nudes. Many admirers are  impressed by his treatment of «chutes de reins» .
Following his first exhibition at Laval in 1997, he shows his work at art shows all over France where he has received numerous prizes.


2008 Prices

Award-winning artworks: 
Prix Coup de pouce - Pauline BALLUAIS